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Knowsys Educational Services LLC

Knowsys Educational Services LLC

Knowsys: helping students prepare for & succeed on standardized exams (PSAT,SAT, ACT, & TSI) since 2003. College Readiness: courses & curriculum for test preparation; college exploration, admissions essays, & applications; programs for 7th graders & PSAT National Merit Potentials. Vocabulary Builder: curriculum for building academic vocabulary includes activities & flashcards (online and standard options). Grammar Builder: curriculum for a dedicated introduction & review of Grammar. Focus on efficiency strategies & solid content review plus vital test-taking skills. Professional Development: all areas.

Contact: Sheila Griffith
Email: sgriffith@myknowsys.com
Phone: 512-961-8522
Website: www.myKnowsys.com
Meet With Us: Email Sheila Griffith