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Humble ISD
I am a first year extended learning teacher. I work with k-5 gifted and talented students. I also work with English learners. This is my 15th year in education. I am super excited about my new position and am ready to learn everything I can to help my students grow!
Wednesday, December 4

9:00am CST

11:30am CST

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7:00pm CST

Thursday, December 5

7:30am CST

8:45am CST

11:00am CST

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12:05pm CST

1:00pm CST

4:05pm CST

4:30pm CST

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7:30pm CST

Friday, December 6

7:30am CST

8:05am CST

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9:00am CST

10:10am CST

10:45am CST

12:45pm CST