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Thursday, December 5

7:30am CST

Beyond Either/Or: Open-ended Questions Support Academic and Social-Emotional Learning Cibolo 1-2Denise Ahlquist Brand New to Been There: What New Coordinators Need to Know to Find Success Indian Paintbrush/LakesparRaine Maggio, M.S. Breathing to Breathe Grand Oaks CDJacqueline Brewer Connections Between Critical Thinking, Writing, and Meeting the Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Children Grand Oaks RSNathan Levy Differentiation Through Creativity Cibolo 6Sandy Sook Diving Deeper: Research Update "Social/Emotional Issues in the Gifted World" Cibolo 5Kristin Majority • Joyce Miller, Ph.D. • Katie Lewis • Christina Dearman • Debra A. Troxclair • Kristen Lamb • Alex Kabli Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Inquiry & Mathematics Grand Oaks NOValerie Johsse Integrating Science and ELA Instruction to Add Depth and Complexity Cibolo 8-9Eric Fecht Let’s Talk: What to Expect When You’re Expected to Teach Gifted Students Grand Oaks EFTracy Inman • Julia Roberts • Kari Lockhart Playful Learning: Engaging Strategies for the Early Childhood Learner Cibolo 3-4Doris Tomas • Joy Sloan TEA Town Hall: Building G/T Certification, Part I  Cibolo 7Monica Brewer Thinking Outside the Box: Spatial Skills in Advanced Academics Cibolo 10-11 Tools for Ecological Thought Grand Oaks PQSusan Waite • Melanie Warren • Keira Holt Twice-Exceptional Students and G/T Services Bluebonnet/DogwoodDonna Ashby Voice and Choice Through Technology in the Secondary Classroom Grand Oaks ABStephanie Shackelford • Melanie Beckett

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11:00am CST

A Parent's Guide to School Jargon and Advocacy for Gifted Learners FreesiaTamra Stambaugh Advocating for Important Policies: Why and How? Grand Oaks RSJulia Roberts AP Capstone: A Perfect Match for Gifted High School Students Grand Oaks ABMichelle Swain Becoming a Meddler-in-the-Middle Cibolo 5Brian Housand Daily Wonderings & Genius Minutes: Finding Ways to Fit Curiosity, Passion, and Wonder Into Everyday Activities Cibolo 8-9Sheila Mulbry Early Childhood: Precocity and Gaps in Educational Opportunities Grand Oaks CDMelanie Meyer • Leah Murphy Get Them Thinking! Keep Them Thinking! Grand Oaks PQJoyce Juntune Growing Grit Through Gaming: Technology for the K-6 Advanced Learner Cibolo 1-2Brigette Cardenas Guiding Development: The Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners Cibolo 7Randi Rasco If You Love It, Let It Go: Popular Practices and Favorite Myths That Are Holding G/T Education Back Indian Paintbrush/LakesparClinton Rodriguez Let’s Talk: Culturally Responsive Classrooms Grand Oaks EFthinkLaw • Brandi Marroquin • April Wells Owning Your Identity Grand Oaks NOHeather Vaughn Real-World Independent Projects: Take Your Students to the Next Level! Cibolo 10-11Danielle Oehler • Melanie Bondy Selecting and Interpreting Tests for Identifying Gifted Students Begonia/BottlebrushSusan Johnsen Taking Genius Hour to the Next Level Cibolo 6Andi McNair Texas State Plan Work Session: Building a Program Guide GoldenrodRolando Ruvalcaba M.Ed. • Kelsey Karcher • Kristin Graham The Magic of Open-Ended Challenges: Design and Engineering Activities for the Classroom Cibolo 3-4 Underrepresentation in Gifted Education: Status and Action Bluebonnet/DogwoodMarcia Gentry • C. Matthew Fugate, Ph.D. giftED Exchange: Challenging Curriculum for Gifted Students giftED Exchange (Exhibit Hall) Learning Lab: Build Math Thinkers Playground (Exhibit Hall)Kelly Threadgill

12:00pm CST

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A Framework for Using Media and Texts to Support the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners Grand Oaks NOTamra Stambaugh Beauties of the Brain: Making Sense of the Most Complex Structure Known to Humankind Cibolo 10-11Kelly Barrett • Courtney Baker • Liz Smith • Tricia Hanson • Kaylyn Barrett • Kristy Schluter Concepts, Essential Questions, and Inquiry: What Would Socrates Do? Cibolo 1-2Richard D. Courtright Embracing Intense Emotions: Nurturing Empathy Development in Gifted Children FreesiaChristine Fonseca Experimental Design and Problem Based Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Science AzaleaAnita Schuh Framing Leadership Stories Indian Paintbrush/LakesparJJ Colburn • Mary Christopher • Cecelia Boswell Ed.D. Going Beyond the Basics of Critical Thinking: Teaching High Ability Students the Principles of Inventive Problem-Solving Begonia/BottlebrushSuzanna Ramos • Hector Ramos Garcimartin Launching TPSPs for Beginners! Grand Oaks CDDeniece Frideley Leveling the (Math) Playing Field to Promote Equity in Gifted Services GoldenrodRaine Maggio, M.S. • Sejal Jain Literature That Connects to G/T Students Bluebonnet/DogwoodMelissa Saphos Out of the Box: Implementing Mystery as a Strategy to Engage Gifted Learners Grand Oaks ABVicki Phelps Preassessment and Grouping: Laying the Groundwork for Effective Differentiation Cibolo 6Tracy Inman Ratcheting-Up the Curriculum for Gifted Learners Cibolo 3-4Debra A. Troxclair Speed Geeking Cibolo 5Andi McNair • Lisa Van Gemert • Stephanie Shackelford • Melanie Beckett • Brigette Cardenas • Rolando Ruvalcaba M.Ed. • Brian Housand • Justin Vawter • Clinton Rodriguez • Laila Ferris STEM/STEAM Pathways to Authentic Problem-Solving Grand Oaks RSBarbara Hinton TEA Town Hall: Building G/T Certification, Part II Grand Oaks EFMonica Brewer Weaving STAAR Stems, Depth and Complexity Tools, and Collaboration Into a Tapestry of STAAR Reading Mastery Grand Oaks PQGina Pasisis What Is Giftedness, Really? A Talent Development Perspective Cibolo 8-9Dr. Frank Worrell giftED Exchange: Strategies for Underrepresented Students giftED Exchange (Exhibit Hall) Learning Lab: Astronomy for the Classroom PlaygroundAbigail Peterson

5:45pm CST

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