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Wednesday, December 4


Building Vocabulary: The Foundation for College Readiness Grand Oaks ABSheila Griffith • Amber Reynolds Civic Simulations: Engagement With Democratic Processes Cibolo 3-4Dodie Kasper • Jan Miller Enrichment: One District's Model Indian Paintbrush/LakesparKatharine Riedlinger • Michelle Swain How to Develop Curriculum Units Using the TEKS and the State Plan Cibolo 7Jessica Travis • Heather Buckley • Dewawn Wiest • Kristi Williams Identifying Giftedness Among ELL Populations GoldenrodYasmin Laird • Anna Payne Mashed Potatoes and Other Adventures in G/T Parenting FreesiaSara Gray P3: Partnering, Passion, and Philanthropy Cibolo 1-2Caitlin Andrews • Kimberly Blake The Transformative Power of Cooperative Gameplay Cibolo 10-11Kathy Lyda • Allison Ross Who Is Doing the Thinking? Begonia/BottlebrushBarbie Scott Challenge Accepted: Practical Approaches to Equitable Identification Cibolo 5Justin Vawter • Ben Koch Challenge Me With Choice Grand Oaks CDBlythe Brown • Dalena Ryskoski • Bianca Zelenski DC Icons and 2e Learners Bluebonnet/DogwoodCarrie Simpson Equitably Identifying and Serving Minority Students in Gifted Education: Lessons Learned From Illinois District U-46 Grand Oaks NODonna Y Ford • April Wells Real Science on a Dime with NASA Resources Iris/LilySteven Smith The Possibility of the Unexplored Cibolo 6Andi McNair Total School Cluster Grouping: Developing Talents among all Students and Teachers Grand Oaks RSMarcia Gentry Using Powerful Questions to Guide Inquiry and Discussion Grand Oaks PQDenise Ahlquist Using the STEM Process in Your Project-Based Learning Cibolo 8-9Todd Stanley






Thursday, December 5




A Parent's Guide to School Jargon and Advocacy for Gifted Learners FreesiaTamra Stambaugh Advocating for Important Policies: Why and How? Grand Oaks RSJulia Roberts AP Capstone: A Perfect Match for Gifted High School Students Grand Oaks ABMichelle Swain Becoming a Meddler-in-the-Middle Cibolo 5Brian Housand Daily Wonderings & Genius Minutes: Finding Ways to Fit Curiosity, Passion, and Wonder Into Everyday Activities Cibolo 8-9Sheila Mulbry Early Childhood: Precocity and Gaps in Educational Opportunities Grand Oaks CDMelanie Meyer • Leah Murphy Get Them Thinking! Keep Them Thinking! Grand Oaks PQJoyce Juntune Growing Grit Through Gaming: Technology for the K-6 Advanced Learner Cibolo 1-2Brigette Cardenas Guiding Development: The Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners Cibolo 7Randi Rasco If You Love It, Let It Go: Popular Practices and Favorite Myths That Are Holding G/T Education Back Indian Paintbrush/LakesparClint Rodriguez Let’s Talk: Culturally Responsive Classrooms Grand Oaks EFBrandi Marroquin • Colin Seale • April Wells Owning Your Identity Grand Oaks NOHeather Vaughn, Ed.S. Real-World Independent Projects: Take Your Students to the Next Level! Cibolo 10-11Melanie Bondy • Danielle Oehler Selecting and Interpreting Tests for Identifying Gifted Students Begonia/BottlebrushSusan Johnsen Taking Genius Hour to the Next Level Cibolo 6Andi McNair Texas State Plan Work Session: Building a Program Guide GoldenrodKelsey Karcher • Rolando Ruvalcaba • Kristin Graham Underrepresentation in Gifted Education: Status and Action Bluebonnet/DogwoodMarcia Gentry • C. Matthew Fugate





A Framework for Using Media and Texts to Support the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners Grand Oaks NOTamra Stambaugh Beauties of the Brain: Making Sense of the Most Complex Structure Known to Humankind Cibolo 10-11Liz Smith • Tricia Hanson • Kristy Schluter • Courtney Baker • Kelly Barrett • Kaylyn Barrett Concepts, Essential Questions, and Inquiry: What Would Socrates Do? Cibolo 1-2Richard Courtright Embracing Intense Emotions: Nurturing Empathy Development in Gifted Children FreesiaChristine Fonseca Experimental Design and Problem Based Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Science AzaleaAnita Schuh Framing Leadership Stories Indian Paintbrush/LakesparCecelia Boswell • Mary Christopher • JJ Colburn Going Beyond the Basics of Critical Thinking: Teaching High Ability Students the Principles of Inventive Problem-Solving Begonia/BottlebrushSuzanna Ramos • Hector Ramos Launching TPSPs for Beginners! Grand Oaks CDDeniece Frideley Leveling the (Math) Playing Field to Promote Equity in Gifted Services GoldenrodSejal Jain • Raine Maggio Literature That Connects to G/T Students Bluebonnet/DogwoodMelissa Saphos Out of the Box: Implementing Mystery as a Strategy to Engage Gifted Learners Grand Oaks ABVicki Phelps Preassessment and Grouping: Laying the Groundwork for Effective Differentiation Cibolo 6Tracy Inman Ratcheting-Up the Curriculum for Gifted Learners Cibolo 3-4Debbie Troxclair Speed Geeking Cibolo 5Andi McNair • Lisa Van Gemert • Stephanie Shackelford • Melanie Beckett • Brigette Cardenas • Justin Vawter • Clint Rodriguez • Laila Ferris • Brian Housand STEM/STEAM Pathways to Authentic Problem-Solving Grand Oaks RSBarbara Hinton TEA Town Hall: Building G/T Certification, Part II Cibolo 7Monica Brewer Weaving STAAR Stems, Depth and Complexity Tools, and Collaboration Into a Tapestry of STAAR Reading Mastery Grand Oaks PQGina Pasisis What Is Giftedness, Really? A Talent Development Perspective Cibolo 8-9Frank Worrell




Friday, December 6